Do your homework on Serviced Offices

Before you pay a deposit for a traditional office space, make sure you thoroughly weigh up the pros and cons of committing your business to a long-term agreement. You may find that Serviced Offices work out cheaper when you consider all of the overheads. NBSO has offices starting from as little as $160 per week.… Continue Reading

Maintenance comes as standard at Serviced Offices

Spending time and money maintaining an office can be seen as an unnecessary but unavoidable expense. At Serviced Offices, this cost is included in the rental fee, allowing tenants to save time and money as the hiring of caretakers, cleaners and other specialists to maintain the office space is all arranged by the onsite Reception staff.… Continue Reading

Access to high-quality equipment and trained staff

Quality Serviced Office operators strive to maintain their staff education and technological offerings as part of the service they provide for all their tenants. Most will ensure that their services and facilities are of the highest quality. Buying equipment or hiring full-time staff requires large overheads but when you hire equipment or staff from a… Continue Reading

No downtime to move in to your new Serviced Office

When you move to new premises the downtime can significantly disrupt the flow of business. Serviced Offices are already set up and ready for you to walk right in. Everything from communications systems to office equipment will be operational from the second you step foot in the door, meaning you won’t suffer any downtime waiting… Continue Reading


Warehousing A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are used by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses and the like. Warehousing is a key component of any supply chain – choosing the right location and facility type for your business has the potential to streamline operations and improve speed to market. NBSO is unique in… Continue Reading

Rossi Gearmotors Australia

North Brisbane Serviced Offices (NBSO) is pleased to have Rossi Gearmotors Australia as a long term tenant at the Brendale based Serviced Office complex. Rossi is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of engineered power transmission products. The company specialises in providing drive systems for heavy industries such as mining, quarrying, metal working, cement and port… Continue Reading

Serviced Offices – pay-as-you-use

Access to pay-as-you-use facilities With a Serviced Office space at NBSO you’ll only ever pay for what you need. In addition to the physical space – services and facilities such as business machines, meeting rooms and even staff are available as and when you need them. For example, if you have a meeting with an… Continue Reading

Short Term Lease Agreements add flexibility

Most businesses renting Serviced Offices are originally looking for short term lease agreements. Serviced Office providers will generally rent out spaces on a short term basis, meaning that tenants will only pay per month for the facilities that they use. The shorter contract lengths, though charged at a slight premium, usually come with the same… Continue Reading

Traditional Lease vs Serviced Offices

Renting premises can be quite a significant operational expense. A traditional office space can’t usually be leased on a month-by-month basis, nor opted-out of if business circumstances change – most leases are usually bound to a fixed term of three to five years. In addition, tenants will generally have to purchase all of the necessary… Continue Reading

What Facilities do Serviced Offices offer?

Facilities typically found at Serviced Offices include: Conference/Boardrooms Meeting Rooms Heating, air-conditioning and other utilities Furniture Full-time security, and Insurance Fully functional kitchen and kitchenette At NBSO we also offer warehousing! In need of any of these facilities? NBSO has all of these and more on offer to short and long term tenants so please contact… Continue Reading