Corporate Christmas Card Tips

Everyone enjoys receiving a Christmas card in the mail, whether it’s a personal card or from a business associate. So if you are intending to send out Christmas Cards this year here are some tips to ensure your card arrives on time, is appropriate and helps build on the relationship you’ve worked hard to establish.

  1. Post your cards early

When it comes to sending your Christmas cards, early is always much better than late.

  1. Not everyone celebrates Christmas

In our multicultural society, it’s likely not everyone you know will celebrate a traditional Christmas. If you are not sure of the cultural preferences of your recipients then it is sound etiquette to choose a card that reads Happy Holidays or Season’s Greetings, rather than Merry Christmas.

  1. Include Sender Details

    Keep your cards simple and with a corporate feel.
    Keep your cards simple and with a corporate feel, like this example.

Always include your address when sending out Christmas cards. This will not only allow the recipient to instantly see who the card is from, but it will also give them the opportunity of sending a card to you in return.

  1. Avoid Family Photos

Choose a professional design over a family portrait when sending cards to business associates. Keep those personal images for family and friends.

  1. Avoid Digital Cards

A personalised card to business associates will make them feel valued. A mass email of digital cards may not give the same impression

  1. Personalise with a hand written note

A note to the recipient will show you care and help build a stronger business relationship.

Keep these easy etiquette tips in mind when preparing your business Christmas cards, and you won’t need to worry about accidentally committing any holiday card faux pas.

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