As we are all aware the Corona Virus (COVID 19) is impacting everyone’s lives to some lesser or greater extent.

In an attempt to reduce the possibility of an outbreak amongst our NBSO tenants, their guests and our meeting room attendees we are keeping ourselves updated with all governmental recommendations and are implementing the following measures effective immediately.

1. NBSO staff will regularly wipe down or spray all common area door handles, railings, light switches, tables, chairs and air conditioning controllers.

2. We already provide antibacterial hand soap in the bathrooms and kitchens. In addition to this we will keep a regular supply of antibacterial wipes and sprays in both reception and the kitchen/kitchenette and encourage all people in the complex to make use of these products. Please return these after use to where you collected them to ensure everyone can benefit from these products.

3. We will also keep a regular supply of paper towel for hand use in both the toilets and kitchen/kitchenette.

4. Finally, our air-conditioning units are regularly serviced with an antibacterial spray and we will continue to book these services at the recommended intervals.

In return we ask all our tenants, their guests and our meeting room attendees who have visited NBSO in the past 14 days to immediately advise NVSO should they be diagnosed with Corona Virus (COVID 19).

Until further notice, the government  imposed 14-day self-isolation policy is mandatory at NBSO for anyone diagnosed with the virus. Also anyone who returns from overseas from Monday 16th March onwards is required to self isolate for 14 days post return.

NBSO will immediately advise all users of the NBSO facility of any notification of a Corona Virus (COVID 19) outbreak amongst our NBSO tenants, their guests or our recent meeting room attendees.

If the government recommends any further safety measures we will action these as soon as we are made aware of the new guidelines and advise you all accordingly.

Let’s all work together to prevent the spread of this Virus into NBSO and beyond.

- The NBSO Team.

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