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Australian Export


The Australian Export Product Network is an innovative business offering assistance for Australian exports into the Asian Market.


Based at NBSO in Brisbane Australia, Martin O’Dee is the principal of the business with extensive experience assisting Australian exports in the Asian countries in which his company operates.


These countries include: 










New Zealand


Republic of Korea


Sri Lanka




AEPN has staff on the ground in each of these countries who generate contacts for Australian Companies wanting to export their products overseas. As Covid-19 has restricted travel for everyone, AEPN’s already existing contacts and connections are critical for success at this time. It saves the exporting companies the many years it usually takes to develop business relationships. Language barriers for Australian exports are also resolved using the AEPN network.


Services Offered


Services include research, marketing, presentations, and negotiation as required. AEPN can report on the size of the market, the demand for your product specifically, advise who the current manufacturers are in the market, other competition and local pricing structures. They can assist with local laws and any government requirements pertaining to your product and vet potential import clients to ensure their credibility and professionalism.


Australian businesses can sign up to work with one country, or as many as their budget will allow.


Martin says, “We are pleased to be involved with the crew at NBSO! The fact that they help promote my business is just an added bonus to my tenancy.”


If you have a product made in Australia or New Zealand or know of someone who does and who may need export assistance, please put them in touch with Martin via his website:


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