Best Practice Certification

"The Best Practice Group operates with one simple goal: to inspire improvement in your organisation so the experience of your customers is second to none. Your aligned strategic Business Management is focused on scaling revenue and profit growth. Continued improvement of the customer experience, managing business continuity, cybersecurity, and giving organisations struggling through the 2020 global economic crisis, the resources and support they need.

You can access the support you need with online training, advisory, business coaching, management systems support, and recruitment. We take great pride in our multi-faceted approach to business improvement.  You get started with our free content on our industry-leading YouTube channel filled with hundreds of hours of content. It's designed to help you and your organisation unleash your true potential."

In the spirit of helping our tenants to grow their business, NBSO were able to provide an in-house referral to BPC which resulted in them gaining a new client from one of our in-house tenants - AMAP Engineering – who was looking for assistance with Quality Assurance Training and Certification.

If your business has any of these Best Practice requirements, please get in touch with the local representative Serge Davidoff - Business Development Manager.  Email: or check out their website

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