A Brisbane Virtual Office tenancy provides a business address and a number of additional services to businesses without actually having to occupy or pay for a lease on a dedicated, physical office.

Businesses may use the address to register their business with ASIC or to be advertised in a location outside of their head office. This will increase opportunities to grow their customer base.

Another benefit is to keep the home address private. It also gives the impression that the business is a reputable, professional concern, operating out of commercial premises. It also enables registration for google maps whereas a home address often is not accepted. This importance of this Google maps listing cannot be underestimated. Often it’s the difference between appearing on the first page of Google for your keyword or being lost somewhere on page ten.

Additional Services

Depending on the specific venue offering a Brisbane Virtual Office, additional services may be available. These may include mail handling and mail forwarding, door signage, access to meeting rooms, and Hot Desks may be available for an additional charge.

The flexibility of only ‘pay when you need a meeting room or a quiet desk occasionally, is a fantastic cost saving over a more traditional lease payment. Different businesses have different needs and the Brisbane Virtual Office really meets changing needs in a volatile market.

NBSO Flexibility

North Brisbane Serviced Offices provide the full suite of options to meet the various needs of businesses. Different clients have started as meeting rooms users, then progressed to a Virtual Office. Some started with a small physical office first then their needs changed so they switched to a Virtual Office. This enabled them to keep receiving their mail at the venue whilst continuing the location marketing they had already established. Others have head offices located interstate or overseas and wanted to start marketing in Brisbane to expand their business. So a Brisbane Virtual Office was the perfect vehicle.

North Brisbane Serviced Offices think outside the box when it comes to office rentals. There is now a solution for every different business need.

To find out more about the inclusions in a North Brisbane Serviced Offices Virtual Office tenancy, read more here.

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