No more traffic headache

Don’t go the distance

Nobody likes sitting in traffic. Unfortunately Brisbane is notorious for traffic jams and horrendous peak hour congestion. What if you didn’t have to drive to the City every day? What if you could have an office in the northern suburbs of Brisbane?

This table below is regarded as standard travelling time but if you live in one of these areas you would personally know what time needs to be added to the table for Peak Hour Traffic.

Once you do get into thTravel time tablee Brisbane city, there’s finding a park and the walk to the building to be added onto the total time from your front door.

These times do not factor in accidents, road works or general traffic congestion. Not to mention the cost of fuel and wear and tear on your car.

Costs for parking in Brisbane City range from $13 per day up to $89. Parking at NBSO is free.

How can Serviced Offices Assist?

A serviced office at NBSO saves you time, money and your sanity. If you live on the north side of Brisbane, travelling against the flow of traffic, leaving later to get to work and spending more time at home are great reasons to investigate an office at NBSO.

With prices starting from just $160 per week, it’s a great investment in your lifestyle.

Office Space for Lease in North Brisbane

NBSO prides itself on providing high quality offices for lease on the north side of Brisbane. Services typically include: Dedicated Receptionist and administrative support Telecommunications NBSO has the NBN connected and experiences very fast connectivity Virtual Offices 24 hour access to in-house tenants Mail and courier services Electricity, cleaning and other services Boardroom and meeting… Continue Reading

Professional Services

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Virtual Office

The Virtual Office (Clayton’s Office) A virtual office tenancy provides a business address and a number of additional services to businesses without actually having to occupy a dedicated, physical office. A virtual office tenancy also allows businesses to be advertised in a location outside of their head office, thereby increasing opportunities to grow their customer… Continue Reading

Health Care Service Providers

Over the last few months, North Brisbane Serviced offices (NBSO) has seen a significant increase in the number of Health Care Service providers renting its short term meeting rooms for consultations. This surge appears to be driven by an increasing client demand for personalised as well as specialised health care services. It has resulted in a… Continue Reading

Virtual Office Tenancy

The office you have when you don’t have an office A virtual office tenancy provides a business address and a number of add on services to businesses without them actually having to occupy a dedicated physical office. A virtual office tenancy can also allow firms to be advertised in a location/s outside of their main… Continue Reading


Why Brendale? Why a warehouse? Why NBSO? Let’s be truthful. The North Brisbane suburb of Brendale is teeming with warehouse space. After all, it’s one of Brisbane’s most established and well known industrial areas. So what sets NBSO apart from other warehouse facilities in the area? Economic factors – our pricing per square metre is… Continue Reading

Access to high-quality equipment and trained staff

Quality Serviced Office operators strive to maintain their staff education and technological offerings and equipment as part of the service they provide for all their tenants.  Most will ensure that their services and facilities are of the highest quality. Buying equipment or hiring full-time staff requires large overheads but when you hire equipment or staff… Continue Reading

Corporate Christmas Card Tips

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