Virtual Office

The Virtual Office (Clayton’s Office)

A virtual office tenancy provides a business address and a number of additional services to businesses without actually having to occupy a dedicated, physical office. A virtual office tenancy also allows businesses to be advertised in a location outside of their head office, thereby increasing opportunities to grow their customer base.

If your business needs:

  • Receptionist services
  • Interview or training rooms
  • A place to meet clients
  • The usual facilities and services of a traditional office
  • A physical address and phone number in addition to your home or personal number

But doesn’t need the considerable costs and over heads of renting a traditional office, you’ll need to investigate how a virtual office can help you.

It can also provide significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space as meeting rooms can be booked on an as needs basis. Additionally, mail can be received and redirected as an optional extra.

NBSO offers the following services for our virtual tenants:

  • Door signage
  • Mail handling
  • Enquiry forwarding
  • Meeting room hire
Virtual Office
Work from anywhere


There may be many occasions when you need an office to meet with clients – you may have a mobile business or be wanting to meet away from your home office, or alternatively you might have a main office in another location.

NBSO offers virtual tenants the use of meeting rooms, allowing them to run their business in a professional manner without the expense of renting permanent office space. Meeting room rentals start from as little as $33 per hour.

And of course successful virtual office tenancy exposure can often be a good way to transition into a physical office.

In addition to the premium facilities and services, the NBSO staff are friendly and professional and you can be assured all of your business needs will be met in a timely and cost effective manner.

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