What is a Serviced Office?

serviced office

Serviced Office Flexibility

Companies offering serviced office space are able to offer more flexible rental terms. This includes month by month options and 12-month leases. A conventional whole building lease on the other hand, may commit the business for three and five year terms.

This flexibility for a start up business is invaluable. No one can predict how successful a business will be or what the future economic climate holds.

If a business grows rapidly, serviced space allows for the allocation of more space at short notice. Should it reduce in size, a move to a smaller office is possible too. If the lease was set up on a month by month basis, and the business failed, lease cancellation only requires one month's notice. The serviced office option reduces risk and exposure.


It's important to factor in the inclusions of a serviced office lease vs a standard building lease as well. A managed facility will often include office furniture, security, reception services and internet. Outgoings such as electricity, rates and body corporate fees are included too.

There may even be business machines and other resources which can be shared by tenants. This provides reduced costs and access to equipment which may otherwise be too costly.


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