Tidy your desk to improve productivity

Having a tidy office can go a long way in improving your business productivity, and help you keep a little bit of your sanity during chaotic work days. If you’re constantly finding yourself overwhelmed, lagging behind, and struggling to complete projects on time, your messy desk might be the problem.

An untidy desk is not productive but it may take a few changes to keep it clean and clutter free.


Here’s some tips you might find helpful in fighting the clutter:

  1. What is cluttering your desk? Do you have lots of papers, piles of pens that don’t write or things sitting on your desk? Start by clearing unwanted pens. Only keep a few that write, preferable in a container.  Stack papers in a paper trays and source extra trays if required.
  1. Keep a rubbish bin under your desk. Throw away all rubbish as soon as possible. Do not wait till the evening to do this before you leave your desk. Do this regularly and it will soon become a habit.
  1. Keep a small notepad on your desk. This will keep away those post-it notes stuck all over the place. Use this during your working day to write down phone numbers and other important pieces of information. Or use your device to store this information electronically.
  1. Organise any books in a neat stack or on a book shelf. Store books you won’t need and keep only those you are using. This will clear up more space on your desk.
    A clutter free work space is an asset
    A clutter free work space is an asset
  1. Keep all your keys, phones, and other devices neatly away in a corner or find a place for them so that you get into the habit of keeping them together. Make sure you have a charger in that area too.

Clean your desk as and when necessary and not just before leaving at the end of the day. A neat office desk improves business productivity! And it’s satisfying to start the next working day with a clean and tidy work space.

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