Home Office vs Small Office


home office

Modern technology can be credited with giving freedom to many people from the daily grind of travelling into busy city centres. Increases in the use of the home office as well as serviced offices is evidence to this change in business models.


Working from home


The home office model is markedly different from serviced office model for a number of reasons. Probably the greatest distinguishing factor is that for the home office, the separation between work and home life is never clearly defined. There are disruptions from family, countless trips to the fridge as well as the call of the television or housework.

Loneliness can also be an issue for the home based worker. Some people do work better alone, but most find they need to be in regular contact with others to stay motivated. These people thrive in the communal office energy that can’t be recreated at home.

Whilst the flexibility of working from home cannot be denied, a small serviced office located close to the employees’ home may offer similar benefits. In addition, it projects a professional image that a home office might fail to provide.

Home businesses which are successfully expanding can be a curse and a blessing rolled into one. A growing business usually requires more room, equipment and storage space. More staff are usually needed as well, invariably outgrowing the home facility and requiring a move to another business location.

Relocating a home office isn’t for everyone. However when future growth, the bottom line and professionalism are at stake, it’s wise to consider all options.

Serviced office benefits

A serviced office space can provide the ideal solution for a move from a home office. It addresses a number of obstacles this type of move can create. Serviced offices provide a traditional office space in which to work, but they also come with amenities. These may include internet access, daily mail distribution, meeting rooms, office equipment, furniture, security monitoring, and even receptionists.

All overheads such as electricity, rates, and Body Corp fees are shared between tenants and worked back into the rental charges. This is a huge benefit as they can be expensive. Rentals on offer at North Brisbane Serviced Offices include short term meeting rooms, as well as long term tenancies.

NBSO is a serviced office complex located on the Northside of Brisbane. It differs markedly from most others as it also offers warehousing options. Rentals on offer include short term meeting rooms, as well as long term tenancies.

So if a move from an existing facility or a home based office is on the cards, find out more by calling NBSO Reception on 07 3881 1504. Or contact us via our online form here.

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